WWNA Development Guidelines

Committee of Adjustment Application Guidance for Builders and Neighbours

Requests for minor variances at the Committee of Adjustment (C of A) should be for variances that are needed and which are truly minor. WWNA understands that infill housing is desirable and we seek to ensure that new homes respect & reinforce the character of the neighbourhood.

WWNA addresses each C of A request on its own merits and considers feedback from neighbouring homeowners when provided. WWNA does NOT write letters of support and MAY choose to write a letter of objection to the Committee of Adjustment. In particular, based on what C of A has approved & rejected in the recent past, the follow might be the case:
a. Lot coverage over 32%
b. Lot splits
c. Homes more than 2 storeys
d. Building types other than detached homes
e. Unnecessary narrowing of side-yard set backs
f. Excessive roof or side wall height
g. Significant area increases to decks above fence line

Although these matters are not subject to variance requests at the C of A, we may also object to Urban Forestry during their notice period for the following issues:
a. Removal of significant mature trees from the city right of way
b. Removal of significant private trees which could be protected by feasible mitigation measures during construction

Where we use the words “unnecessary” or “excessive”, we mean that a viable home could be constructed without requiring the requested variances. This will vary depending on lot width and other factors.

We encourage builders and neighbours to contact us with questions or concerns. A project where the neighbours have been consulted and their concerns are respected, modifying the construction plans if necessary ad practical prior to application, is less likely to receive public objection at the C of A.

We encourage our members to attend C of A meetings and to participate in all public consultations related to planning and development matters.

We also encourage our members to contact the City by calling 311 if builders are not being respectful of public sidewalks and roadways or are violating the City’s bylaws.